Steven Tyler voices caterpillar Nim Galuu in EPIC 3D

Well-loved music icon Steven Tyler gives voice to a very affable caterpillar character named Nim Galuu in the upcoming family adventure 3D movie “Epic.”

“EPIC” is a 3D CG adventure comedy that reveals a fantastical world unlike any other. From the creators of” Ice Age” and “Rio,” “EPIC” tells the story of an ongoing battle between the forces of good, who keep the natural world alive, and the forces of evil, who wish to destroy it. When a teenage girl MK (Amanda Seyfried)  finds herself magically transported into this secret universe, she teams up with an elite band of warriors and a crew of comical, larger-than-life figures, to save their world…and ours.

Having brought to life one of the most beloved and successful animated motion picture franchises, Ice Age, director Chris Wedge and his teams at Blue Sky Studios (of which Wedge is a co-founder) achieve new heights of realism, action, adventure and detail, with EPIC.

Very much on the side of the Leafmen – is NimGaluu (vocied by Tyler).  Nim is the consummate party animal, but don’t let this larger than life caterpillar fool you – his wisdom and practical know-how make him a key behind-the-scenes player in the epic battle to save the forest.

tyler with his character in EPIC

Nim possesses a broad frame, six arms, four legs – and signature smoking jacket, whose pattern was inspired by butterfly wings.  Portraying Nim is Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler.  At first glance, the choice of a rock and roll icon to essay the avuncular (though fun-loving) forest sage is unexpected, but Wedge notes that the idea to cast Tyler “just came to us and we ran with it.  Listen to Steven’s voice; it has all the necessary texture for Nim, who like Steven is a fun character with lots of energy.”

For Tyler, the role reminded him of some his experiences as a youngster.  “I grew up in the wilds of New Hampshire and I always thought there was something to be said for the quiet of the woods,” he explains.  “At the same time, I was afraid of the woods, but I grew to love it.  So I think EPIC is the perfect story to tell.”

“No matter what age, you’re bound to fall in love with Epic. With the wisdom of my character, Nim Galuu and the beauty of Beyonce as Queen Tara as well as the humour of Mub and Grub, EPIC is a film that has something for everyone.”

“Epic” (3D) opens May 24 in cinemas nationwide from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.



the internship

Looks like comedy duo and friends Owen and Vince have found a new thinking playground at the Google campus as featured in the upcoming hilarious movie “The Internship.” In an interview with EW on his upcoming true-to-the-times relatable comedy “The Internship,” Vince Vaughn admits that there wouldn’t be any film had Google said no to the concept in the first place. Vaughn, who serves as co-writer, producer and star of “The Internship” reunite with Owen Wilson about friends in their 40s who get laid off from their jobs. Convinced they’ve gone about managing their careers entirely wrong, they resolve to become interns at a tech company and start anew. Hijinks ensue when Vaughn and Wilson compete against wily, fresh-faced 22-year-olds to advance in the company.

“The Internship” sees Nick (Owen Wilson) and Billy (Vince Vaughn), two old-school salesmen who use old fashioned charm and brilliant sales techniques to sell watches. On the night that they try to close a big sale with a client, to their shock, they find out that their company has been shut down because kids don’t wear watches anymore. Suddenly, they find themselves unemployed as two dinosaurs in the digital world. To make the situation worse, Billy goes home to find a foreclosure sign on his front lawn and his girlfriend packing her bags to leave him. In the meantime, Nick’s sister offers him a job at a mattress store and he takes it out of despair. After an exhaustive job search online, Billy has Googled everything he can Google. He finally gives up by typing just “Google” into the search box, and finds an opportunity for them to reinvent themselves – with an internship program at Google. The guys arrive at the Google Campus in Mountain View, California – a world away from anything they have seen before – and are in awe. All the food and drink is free so they load up on coffee and donuts at the “free” coffee cart as if it’s their last meal on earth. On the first day of their internship, they find themselves in a sea of tech-savvy 20-year-olds who they need to compete against to win a full-time position at Google.

owen wilson & vince vaughn THE INTERNSHIP


They team up with Neha, a sexually curious nerd, Stuart, who is obsessed with his cell phone and won’t get off of it, Yoyo, a genius Asian kid that lacks social and common life skills, and Lyle, who is an underdog who wants to fit in. They also meet their nemesis – Graham – an arrogant and aggressive college student who will stops at nothing to win the competition and get the job at Google. Vaughn wrote the original draft of the story when the US economy was in shambles and most of the people he knew had lost their jobs.  It was that generational sentiment that the skills they have are not significant as it used to be.  And when he saw a portion of what goes inside the Google ‘campus,’ “I thought of taking the characters to this place and give them the chance to work at Google – that felt relatable and rootable,” shares Vaughn. Google cofounder Sergey Bin checked on the film’s set every now and then which Vaughn is very grateful for – “Everyone at (Google) was very nice and gracious.  But that’s what Google does: You search for something and you find it,” Vaughn concludes. “The

Internship” opens June 7 in theaters from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.

Iron Man 3 Early Bird Promo (Advance Selling)

Ironman 3

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1. For every purchase of two (2) IRON MAN 3 movie tickets in advance on April 8-23, 2013 at participating Ayala Malls Cinemas, moviegoer will get a IRON MAN 3 Poster.

2. Moviegoers may claim their IRON MAN 3 Poster until June 22, 2013 at the ticket booth of the participating Ayala Malls Cinemas.

3. All employees of Ayala Cinemas, its subsidiaries, and employees of its contracted agencies including their relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity are disqualified from joining the promo.


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‘Killing Lincoln’ premiere on National Geographic commemorates President Lincoln’s death anniversary

Billy Campbell as Abraham Lincoln

National Geographic Channel has set the Philippine premiere of its first original scripted drama, “Killing Lincoln,” for April 14, 2013, marking the 148th anniversary of the assassination of US President Abraham Lincoln. Narrated on camera by Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks and produced by Ridley and Tony Scott’s Scott Free Productions, the film is a two-hour masterpiece that dramatizes what is considered to be one of the most significant events in American history.

Based on the best-selling book Killing Lincoln: The Shocking Assassination That Changed America Forever that was co-written by political commentator and media personality Bill O’Reilly and author Martin Dugard, “Killing Lincoln” recounts the last days of President Lincoln at the close of the American Civil War and exposes how John Wilkes Booth, a popular Shakespearean actor and staunch Confederate supporter, conspires to kill him and subsequently bring down the Union government. On April 14, 1865, President Lincoln went to Ford’s Theatre with his wife Mary to see a play and was shot down at 11 PM by Booth, who jumped down from the theater box, made his way to the stage through the panicking crowd and shouted, “Sic semper tyrannis!” But how could he commit such a terrible act?

“’Killing Lincoln’ is a true historical story that explores John Wilkes Booth’s actions before and after the assassination. We go into a life that has never been seen before from this perspective. And that life provides great insight into one of the biggest conspiracies in this country’s history,” said Executive Producer Ridley Scott. The film also portrays an unprecedented manhunt for Booth and his co-conspirators for committing a crime that shook an entire nation to its core.


Erik Jendresen, writer and producer for the critically acclaimed series “Band of Brothers,” wrote the script for “Killing Lincoln” based on O’Reilly’s book and was excited to work with National Geographic. “With the National Geographic brand, the audience trusts that they are in the hands of a reliable storyteller. If the content is enclosed by that golden border, viewers know it must be authentic. So the opportunity to do something with National Geographic Channel was extraordinary – it was a tremendous responsibility and we all took it quite seriously,” he said.

Much research and effort went into production to make the film historically accurate. A talented and capable cast comprising veteran and new faces bring the historical drama to life, with Billy Campbell bringing gravitas to the role of Abraham Lincoln and newcomer Jesse Johnson turning the conventionally two-dimensional villainy of Booth into a breakthrough performance. Accomplished actors Geraldine Hughes and Graham Beckel lend their chops to a magnificent production as Mary Todd Lincoln and Edwin Stanton – Lincoln’s secretary of war – respectively. “Tom Hanks is a captivating storyteller that really helps to guide the audience through the entire film,” adds Scott.

“Killing Lincoln” made National Geographic history when it broke the channel’s records for viewership, garnering 3.4 million viewers when the film premiered on February 17 in the US. It will be aired on April 14 at 9 PM on National Geographic Channel for its Asian premiere.

Review of Oblivion

Oblivion Tom Cruise

This Movie Oblivion by Tom Cruise is great when it comes to action scenes. But there’s a big debate on the story and concept of it. Some says, It’s more like a DJ mix than a symphony. Elements of The Matrix, Moon, 2001, the first Star Trek picture, Independence Day, the Death Star run from Star Wars and yes Wall-E all bubble to the surface at one point or another. But for sheer relentless action Oblivion is as good as a modern sci-fi movie gets. For me, I just pointed out flying the aircraft like in the Top Gun, action moves like the Mission Impossible and the story line is like the movie Equilibrium and Total Recall. And lastly the triangle cube that made thousands of Jack and Victoria clones are like the sparks cube in the movie Transformers.

But don’t be disappointed guys.. Even this movie is like sort of DJ mix accent, you can still look for highly executed scenes that you will love it. It’s kinda redeveloped those concept into new blends of fresh things that viewer can still appreciate it in different ways of using those concepts. Well, this movie might not be good for the expectations of movie kin observers. Though, I still salute this movie because it gives another way round of good sequence of sci-fi genre.


Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski maroons Tom Cruise on a post-apocalyptic Earth in his new science fiction epic Oblivion. Like his directorial debut this latest offering is a dazzling show of sound and vision, but could leave you with big question marks when it comes to substance.

Cruise plays Jack Harper, a drone repairman stationed high above the surface with Andrea Riseborough’s sky tower controller Victoria. He makes regular trips below to maintain the robots, used to pull the last remaining resources and shoot down invaders dubbed ‘Scavs’.

Years previously, aliens blasted the moon to pieces, causing chaos on Earth and a war that ended in nuclear obliteration. The survivors have found a new home on a Jupiter moon, and Jack and Victoria – an “effective team” professionally and personally – are counting down the days until they get the video call from Sally (Melissa Leo) to join the others.

Oblivion Olga Kurylenko

Jack’s encounter with Morgan Freeman’s resistance leader on Earth and the arrival from the sky of Olga Kurylenko’s Julia, a woman who Jack recalls from dreams, shifts the movie into gear with a series of plot twists that illuminate the mysteries of the vast world Kosinski has thrown up on screen.

The film’s opening stretch is dominated by techno garble and muddled plotting, but this icy, elusive tone makes way for an emotional hook once Julia’s arrival disturbs Victoria and Jack’s paradise.

Oblivion stands apart from its blockbuster peers having sprung from the mind of Kosinski and writers Karl Gajdusek and Michael Arndt. For a change this is a large-scale movie not creatively trading on existing brand recognition. It’s an original idea that’s altogether too familiar, though. The film reaches back into sci-fi cinema’s past, zipping through 2001, Silent Running, Star Warsand Blade Runner before crashing bang up-to-date with WALL-E and Duncan Jones’s Moon. These genre references will either be nirvana for eager sci-fi geeks or a stick for them to beat the film with.


It scratches the surface in terms of its bigger ideas; freedom, control and memory all come into play, but ultimately its thematic backbone isn’t as fully developed as the jaw-dropping visual spectacle on show. Kosinski piles up money shot after money shot (digitally enhancing desolate Iceland locations to good effect), while harnessing a soaring score from.

This movie is now showing nationwide… Watch it for you to prove that this movie is another thing great thing for Tom Cruise.