Review: Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters

Hansel and Gretel Poster

Skillful Sibling Hunters versus the powerful witch murderers. This old tale that wears new concept of plot makes the audience awe for another sequel. Hansel and Gretel must have Part 2. This is the movie that I want to watch another and another and another again. The scenes are terrific and I love how Hansel and Gretel Slashing and burning bad witches.

About the movie? the scenes are awesome. You don’t want to close your eyes because you don’t want to miss any single scenes. The action pack is perfect. Love to see Hansel and Gretel techniques on how they capture and burn the witches. The tragedy they suffered triggered their selves being well trained witch hunters.Though, the reason of becoming witch hunters are because they suffered terrible experience from the hand of the witch that trapped them after their father abandoned them in the forest. Until they found out the truth about what happened to their parents. The tragic scenes that brought to the siblings to hunt all the witches in order to give justice to their parents’ death. There are lot of suspense that you can’t predict until it was reveal at the latter part of it. That’s an ingredient of the movie that I always looking for. A movie that is not unpredictable until the end. Cool right…

Playful and heartbreaking, this is a lovely show from the New International Encounter company, an ensemble of actor-musicians who have charm oozing from every pore. The telling gets right to the dark heart of the story, but does so with the lightest of touches and a sprinkling of live music and humour. Moreover, are Hansel and Gretel innocents adrift in an unforgiving world, or just murderers and thieves?

This film is a kind of movie that reflects siblings without parents’ care can still survive and help each other. Through their bad experienced from the bad witch that trap them  after their father abandoned them in the forest, they learn to help each other to survive and develop their selves into mighty and skillful witch hunters. Just like in real life, those children that abandoned by their parents are turning their life to be protective by means of helping each other.

I swear… This is a movie that you must watch. Your money is worth it. Well,I will watch again..Come on.. Let’s watch Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters into cinemas nearest to you..


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